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- need for renovation-

Moodboard 2019-01.png

By means of a 'mood board' we put the necessity of a renovation in the cosmos.

Apart from the temple, the adjacent rooms are in dire need of renovation.

The asbestos has to be removed, the roof is leaking, the walls are damp and the floor is cold!

Our wish list is therefore definitely a new roof with solar panels, good insulation and underfloor heating! The 'Sai Temple', has a small problem... No resources!


Hence hereby a call, however difficult we find it to ask, to support us. So that visitors can literally and figuratively continue to warm themselves in the future.

All help is taken!

Hundi-Sai temple Onderdijk.JPG

You can financially support the Sai Temple by making a donation in  the money box (hundi) in the Sai temple Onderdijk, or by transferring money to the Sri Sai Mandiram foundation, IBAN NL87INGB0009270781. 

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