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Sai Temple  -  Sri Sai Mandiram, Onderdijk

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Our Sai Temple, also called Sri Sai Mandiram, is a homely temple in size and decoration.

'Sai' means Mother and you are sure to feel the loving and caring atmosphere of our Sai Temple take you in like a warm embrace. You might think this is just another spiritual place where people gather to pray and listen to long boring speeches but we can assure you, this temple is by no means boring!

Shiva (the destroyer of ignorance) and the Guru (bringer of true knowledge) ‘reside’ in this place, creating a special synergy that makes personal development (Sadhana in Sanskrit) possible for the visitor. It is a place where people meet regardless of background or religion.  

What can you expect here? You may wonder.

We sing devotional songs (Bhajans) and Mantras with each other.

You can also attend an ancient ritual, 'Rudrabishekam', in which Bas (Kannaiah) recites verses

in Sanskrit. This ritual can be considered as a guided meditation with additional effect that positive energy is released by vibration. It helps you to quiet your mind, which many people need.

That is why it is not surprising that some visitors go home quietly after the ritual, having attained a state of tranquillity in their hearts and minds. Yet, there are others who continue to drink coffee or tea in the coffee area in front of the temple afterwards.

Spontaneously 'Sathsang' can arise. We talk about 'Sathsang' as the conversations that take place personally or in the group where discussions can go just a little bit deeper, apart from just socializing.


In this way, we can support and stimulate each other on the path of spiritual development.

The temple is open daily for people who seek silence


Where stands  G. K. S.  for in the logo ?

  • G nana (wisdom, knowledge of yourself)

  • K arma (move, work, act)

  • S angam (coming together, sathsang)


Where wisdom, knowledge and work go hand in hand, inner growth can take place.

The lotus is a symbol of human growth, purity and contact with the soul.

With its roots in the mud, the lotus rises from the water, without a single splash of mud on its flower, determined to reach the sunlight.

This is what we stand for as GKS and what we are trying to achieve.


No membership is necessary to be a part of GKS. Everyone who feels at home with our ideas is welcome to participate in the activities.


Why should I join this 'club'?


It is important to always remain critical on your spiritual path.


We, the GKS in general, do not intend to win souls, do not ask for money; everything is free and without obligation. We focus on the deeper meaning of Life.


You may feel lonely on your inner path, or you may find it difficult to find your place in an existing ecclesiastical organisation. It may also be that something, without understanding how or why, 'resonates' when you are reading our website. Have you now become curious?


We are literally and figuratively, very accessible, partly because of our work experience with people.


Sometimes, visitors ‘walk’ with us for a while before choosing their own path!

So many people, so many roads. Others experience the temple as a warm blanket and stay. You decide which path you want to go on to explore your spiritual self. Thus, your connection with the Divine becomes that much stronger, that much clearer, leading you to live your life in harmony on this Earth.


Our sources of inspiration:

Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Sathya Sai Baba were great Masters from India with millions of followers all over the world. Through Their lives and teachings based on the five human values: Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence; they have inspired many seekers in Themselves.


Sri Gopal Krishna Baba who lived in an ashram (hermitage) in South India has stolen our hearts with His Motherly Love for everyone. He is the founder of GKS.

In 2001, 2004 , 2014 and 2019  'Swami', as we call Him, visited the temple in the Netherlands.

We enjoyed these happenings! 


Jesus, Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Ramana Maharshi and many others are also a vital part of our ‘open-minded’ view of finding inner peace.


The World Teachers are not telling us anything new. They let us see the value of our own religious culture. "If you are a Christian, become a better Christian, Hindu or Muslim..." is their motto.

A chosen form of God or even the Omnipresent formless concept of God, whatever appeals to you the most, will turn out to be the best way to the realization that the divine principle ‘Divinity’ is present in each of us.

New 'occupant'… Mohanji 

Monday March 14, 2022. we hung a picture of Mohanji in the Sai Temple. Another Guru, you may be wondering. Well, for some new people. Consciousness is One and does not need a solid form to make itself known! It might provoke resistance from those who feel connected to our temple and our loyal visitors. For those who wonder : why Mohanji's photo gets a place in the temple and other Masters don't, I share with you what Mohanji told us. “Where there is pure devotion to the Master (Swami Gopala Krishna left His earthly body in 2020) the Tradition of Masters will take over that role so that the devotees attain Oneness.” ​

We have experienced that after the grief of Swami Gopala Krishna's Samadhi, Mohanji's visit to the temple has given us comfort and strength. The role Mohanji takes on is different for everyone. For us it is an affirmation of Swami's energy. He sent Mohanji to us. We are grateful and happy with Mohanji's arrival. After his spontaneous visit in August 2021, Mohanji visited the Sai Temple again in early June 2022.

'Let’s celebrate Divinity' can then become the raga, the keynote, your motto for life!


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