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Swamy's Message for Holland GKS Life School.


Dear Embodiments of Love,

I am very happy to see all your efforts in undertaking spiritual workshops and Sathsang. Kannaiah (Bas) and Carla, go ahead and conduct more such divine work.


I am deeply pained by the violence and hatred amongst religion and countries. It's so disheartening to see the bombings in Syria, where scores of children, women, old people and many others have died and many wounded. Please, please stop this.


My dear youth, dear mothers, sisters, brothers, children, please stop this madness of hatred and violence and start loving each other. The Earth is round and you come back to the same point when you travel around it. So how can the countries be different?

We are one! If one part of the body is wounded, the entire body is in pain.

Similarly, when one country is hurt, the entire world suffers. Do you wound your brothers and sisters in your family? No, definitely not. Then why not consider the world as one family?

Religion is meant to seek God within and see Him in all.

Have compassion and love for all living beings. Let there be Universal peace and brotherhood.


I am also pained by people, in the garb of gurus, preaching meditation for money.

In this age of Kaliyuga, one can seek God through his work alone.

Good work is Godly work, but the actions that hurt others are demonic.

Service to Humanity is Service to God.

I say this spontaneously, but with the determination to alleviate the suffering of mankind...

Blessings to all,

Swami Gopal Baba

<< Each country is but a room in the mansion of God - Sathya Sai Baba >>

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