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A life school based on the five human values: Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love, and Non-violence, is a long cherished wish and an addition to the existing temple activities in the Sai Temple in Onderdijk.


Why? You may wonder.


Since the 1990s the temple has been a place where spiritual seekers from different backgrounds come together for inner deepening.


From conversations with young people and new 'faces' that visit the temple, there appears to be a need for more philosophical knowledge, with the possibility to explain life questions in a safe environment.


To address this need, we have a number of enthusiastic guest speakers from various disciplines, willing to dedicate themselves for this purpose.

As a common thread, these speakers share  the core values of awareness, an open attitude towards life and authenticity.


Our target group: the 'spiritually hungry'!


On the way to the art of living, we strive in workshops for playful knowledge and transfer skills in many areas. A wide range of possibilities is provided to us by the specific knowledge and experience of our guest speakers.


The absence of fixed frames gives room to the speaker and participants to react spontaneously, from what is alive at that moment.


The activities of the Levensschool will be published on this website and on facebook under Levensschool Onderdijk.


We may in the future, consider going from an occasional two-day event to  one day events which are more frequent.  


However, we will not lack enthusiasm!




Bas (Kannaiah) and Carla

Life School

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