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'Bhagavad Gita'




Books about Sathya Sai Baba...


Many of the spiritual books mentioned here and other spiritual books are available in our library.

From darkness towards light

from the heart of devotees of Bhagawan Sri Prabhuddanada Saraswati Maharaj (Swami Sri Gopal Baba)

Authors: Sita van den Nieuwendijk & Linda Abrol


Did you ever experience something that turned out to be life changing ? The people who shared their stories in this book certainly did.  

Sometimes these experiences were like a storm, sometimes like whisper in the night, barely noticed at the time.

They had two things in common. They did in fact change the lives of those involved and they were all initiated by a saint , Swami Sri Gopala Baba. His heart is like an ocean of compassion for those who seek their own deep truth. May these stories be a contribution  to our awakening in a new age of love and may they lead us back into the silence where the divine voice can be heard

" One should never waste time but use this precious life to walk towards the path of All pervasiveness, from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of ' Divine Knowledge '. " -   Swami Sri Gopal Baba

"Once a wise man said : 'First believe that it may be true, then investigate like Sherlock Holmes. And when as a result experience comes, faith will settle in your being.'  - Kannaiah van Velzen

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'Ramakrishna, conversations recorded by M'


Resume:  Conversations recorded by M. The truth is one. Sages call her by different names. So many beliefs, so many ways.

Ramakrishna (1836-1886) was one of the most important thinkers of Hinduism of the last century. His influence continues to this day. Many of today's Indian gurus have been influenced by him, and much of the modern thought there has been determined by him. It is therefore good that a book about him has been published. The author is someone who stands in his tradition. He gives a detailed biography of Ramakrishna and then introduces this philosopher himself. He always sketches a part of Ramakrishna's life in which he then answers a question from a follower. It's a good book. Indispensable for anyone involved with Eastern religions.

'Seven Days Shirdi Sai'

-stories about Shirdi Sai Baba-

Author: Koen van  Velzen  (Satrughna)


Summary: To his followers, Sai Baba of Shirdi (1835-1918) was an Avatar: God Himself who incarnates on Earth to spiritually uplift humanity. A large number of stories have been collected in this book in which devotees have reported their experiences with Shirdi Sai. This immediately explains the tone of this book: devotional, calling for surrender to the guru.

Not only the stories are of different nature, the character of Shirdi Sai Baba himself also had many often contradictory aspects. Thus, an image emerges of a particularly versatile teacher, who cared not for fame or ostentation, but worked tirelessly to elevate his devotees. 
In addition to all the stories from the Sri Sai Satcharitra, this translation also includes many lesser-known accounts. A special, historical book that naturally invites the reader into the life of Sai Baba of Shirdi.


* The book is also available in the temple. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Sri Sai Mandiram Foundation.

The power of purity

Essential Essays & Answers About Spiritual Paths & Liberation

Author: Mohanji

the power of purity mohanji.jpg

'Ramayana of Narada Kush'


Summary: Ramayana and its deeper meaning of the times. The Ramayana is a sacred scripture with profound symbolism. She indicates very accurately and in detail every step in the process of inner growth. Although gravity was only discovered by man in the 18th century, it is of all times. Since we are currently witnessing an impressive transformation in the world (economic, political, climatic, spiritual, etc.) and each of us is a part of it, reading or hearing the Ramayana is invaluable in our time. The Ramayana gives insight into the human mind and shows how we can come more in touch with the loving source that is present in all of us. Consider, for example, the protagonist Rama.

The noble prince is the personification of the infinite and loving consciousness. Rama falls head over heels for Sita in this epic, born of a freshly plowed field. The charming princess embodies, among other things, the earthly, the fertility and the intellect. Sita is kidnapped by dark forces and it's up to Rama to save her. Help comes from the creative and funny monkey Hanuman, who, as a loyal friend, gives the concept of servitude a deeper meaning. All these figures are aspects of our true self, which is hidden like a treasure behind the deep forest of thoughts. Whoever reads the Ramayana carefully will eventually know who we really are.


Author:  Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa  H. Verbruggen

Summary: The ancient Indian Mahabharata tells of the fateful feud between two branches of the Bharata dynasty, which ends in the near-total demise of the genus. Details indicate that it must have originated in the area between Ganges and Yamuna in India. The core is probably in the fourth/fifth century BC. fixed.

The story wants to make clear that the sequence of being born, dying, being born again, etc. continues forever. Only for those who understand that everything is one, death and birth have lost their meaning

'Finger changes of Ramana Maharshi'

Author:  Ramesh S. Balsekar

Summary: Ramana Maharshi preferred to teach in silence. When he used words, he did so sparingly and with great dramatic effect. Firm focus on what he was teaching was a condition. This book is different even for those who have already read many of Ramana Maharshi's books. It is the most compact and accessible text available by Ramana Maharshi, with additions and annotations by Ramesh Balsekar, who is known to have articulated the advaita for the Western mind with extraordinary clarity.

'Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master'

The author Sri 'M' is an extraordinary person. His uniqueness lies not only in the fact that he traveled from Kerala to the snow-capped Himalayas at the age of 19 ½; there he met - and lived for several years with - a 'real-time' yogi, Babaji, but also that he would have to undertake such an unusual and adventurous exploration, given his non-Hindu birth and antecedents.

'The Soul Destination'

Author: Michael Newton

In this book, 67 people report on their lives between lives. The said experiences were recorded after the people involved were put into a deep hypnosis.

They reveal unique information about:

- our purpose on earth;

- spiritual places where souls go after death;

- the connection between soul and brain;

- soul mates;

- soul journeys between lives;

- how souls are guided, and how they connect and reconcile with the living;

- why we choose certain bodies.

I'm just still here  

Author: Nicolette van Nieuwenhuizen

Summary: The uninhibited, enthusiastic Tygo's experiences in the afterlife are heartwarming. They provide insight into the greatness and strength of humans, and what we can do to be happier. Tygo tells extensively about life after death, and the difficult choice he has to make for the continuation of his journey...

Ik ben er gewoon nog bookcover.jpg

Twins born as light

Author: Bernadette Von Dreien


Summary: In this first book, Christina's story is told from the perspective of her mother, Bernadette. She describes Christina's special birth, childhood and youth up to sixteen years. These are years devoted to getting used to living in the three-dimensional world, being educated and undergoing trials to prepare for her life's task, which Christina summarizes in the three core concepts of freedom, truth and love.

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Books for variety, just to name a few:

  • Eckhart Tolle 

  • Dalai Lama 

  • The Sermon on the Mount in the Light of the Vedanta Teaching 

  • Ashtavakra Samhita 

  • Irena Tweedie 

  • Kathleen McGowan 

  • yoga-vasishta 

  • Hans Laurentius 

  • Alexander Smith

  • Esther Hicks

...and the occasional delightful Scandinavian detective!

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